Fear Masquerading as Laughter: Townhall on the Legacy and Feasibility of Reparations

A townhall discussion on the legacy and feasibility of Reparations, featuring Dr. Amilcar Shabazz and Attorney Deadria Farmer-Paellmann, moderated by Bakari Kitwana (Executive Director, Rap Sessions). With breakout sessions featuring: Amy Hanaeuer (Policy Matters, Ohio), David Rothstein (Neighborhood Housing Services of Greater Cleveland), Angela Woodson (Gelic Group / GROUND UP Strategy Inc, Former Director of Outreach for Ohio Governer’s Office of Faith-based Initiatives), Demareo Cooper (Ohio Organizing Collaborative), Shakyra Diaz (Cuyahoga Place Matters), Ed Little (The Collaborative for a Safe, Fair and Just Cleveland / Cleveland 8), Indigo Bishop (Neighborhood Connections), Basheer Jones (Cleveland Renaissance Group).