The Hip Hop Generation

Young Blacks and the Crisis in African American Culture
Book Informations: 
Apr 24, 2003 Paperback US $15.99 CAN $18.50 UK £8.99 ISBN: 9780465029792 ISBN-10: 0465029795 Published by Basic Civitas Books
Book Description: 
The Hip Hop Generation is an eloquent testament for black youth culture at the turn of the century. The only in-depth study of the first generation to grow up in post-segregation America, it combines culture and politics into a pivotal work in American studies. Bakari Kitwana, one of black America's sharpest young critics, offers a sobering look at this generation's disproportionate social and political troubles, and celebrates the activism and politics that may herald the beginning of a new phase of African-American empowerment.
What the Critics are Saying: 
Black Issues Book Review
“There are a slew of books about what is now being called the ‘hip-hop generation.’ Luckily, The Hip-Hop Generation gets it right.”
The Los Angeles Times
“While Kitwana makes clear arguments about what has affected Black youth over the last twenty years, from lock-ups to loitering laws, he doesn’t simply enumerate the issues on a continuous loop. He looks toward solutions.”
“An educated, accomplished author, very much at ease on the streets of Black America, . . .Kitwana has become a cogent narrator of the hip-hop subculture, a subculture that is helping to shape a whole generation of African-Americans.”
“An insightful study of post-segregation Black culture and its influence on the world.”
Robin D.G. Kelley, author of Yo’ Mama’s DisFunktional!: Fighting the Culture Wars in Urban America
“Bakari Kitwana has written a bold and honest book, a much needed salvo that not only exposes the war on youth but their war on each other. Unlike most self-proclaimed critics out here, Kitwana offers solutions rather than apologetics. He challenges the hip-hop generation to embrace values that can transform us from spectacle to a real force for social change.”
Alan Light, Editor-in-Chief, SPIN magazine and editor of The VIBE History of Hip-Hop
“As the Notorious B.I.G. rapped, ‘Things Done Changed’—but Bakari Kitwana wants to know how and why that happened. The Hip-Hop Generation is a thorough, thoughtful examination of the dramatic forces that have shaped Black Americans raised in the post-Civil Rights era.”
Sonia Sanchez, author of Shake Loose My Skin
“Bakari Kitwana tells us with humor and sensitivity the real deal about this generation. Will this hip-hop generation bring us pain or honor? Will they as Fanon said: ‘speak and assume a culture and bear responsibility for a civilization?’ Will they realize as Chuck D realized that he was a ‘voice that people listened to,’ so he realized he ‘had to fill his voice with something of substance?’ This book is full of substance. And we welcome Brother Bakari’s words. Analysis. Love for a hip-hop generation walking in thunder.”
Ishmael Reed, author of Airing Dirty Laundry
“Bakari Kitwana’s The Hip-Hop Generation is direct and informative, providing a more complicated view of hip-hop culture than found in mainstream media. His discussion of hip-hop activism is particularly important.”