The Rap on Gangsta Rap

Who Run It? : Gangsta Rap and Visions of Black Violence
Book Informations: 
Paperback: 75 pages Publisher: Third World Press; 1 edition (September 1, 1994) Language: English ISBN-10: 0883781751 ISBN-13: 978-0883781753
Book Description: 
Penned in the early 1990s at the height of the culture wars, The Rap on Gangsta Rap is a critical overview of the highly explosive and widely discussed genre of hip-hop dubbed gangsta rap. Kitwana examines the ways Black culture, male-female relationships, sexism, white supremacy and gun violence converge in the controversial music. Despite their attempts to forge Black unity, heated debates about gangsta rap—across genders and generations—seem to create a greater divide. This handbook provides us with a starting point from which hip-hop artists, community activists, religious groups, women’s organizations, youth and parents can view gangsta rap in its political, cultural and social context. From there, together, we can begin the healing.
What the Critics are Saying: 
Bell Hooks, Author, Black Looks: Race and Representation
“Exciting, provocative, critical analysis from an emerging cultural critic that expands and illuminates the discourse of nationalism, popular culture, and Black political resistance. "
Useni Perkins, President, Association for the Positive Development of Black Youth
“Bakari Kitwana examines multinational corporate commodification of rap music with a political lens that penetrates gangsta rap’s denigrating stereotypes and outrageous obscenities. His observations are timely, accurate, and void of the patronizing rhetoric that would compromise our cultural integrity. "