(About The Hip Hop Generation) “Bakari Kitwana tells us with humor and sensitivity the real deal about this generation. Will this hip-hop generation bring us pain or honor? Will they as Fanon said: ‘speak and assume a culture and bear responsibility for a civilization?’ Will they realize as Chuck D realized that he was a ‘voice that people listened to,’ so he realized he ‘had to fill his voice with something of substance?’ This book is full of substance. And we welcome Brother Bakari’s words. Analysis. Love for a hip-hop generation walking in thunder.”

—Sonia Sanchez, author of Shake Loose My Skin

“Bakari Kitwana’s The Hip-Hop Generation is direct and informative, providing a more complicated view of hip-hop culture than found in mainstream media. His discussion of hip-hop activism is particularly important.”

—Ishmael Reed, author of Airing Dirty Laundry

“While Kitwana makes clear arguments about what has affected Black youth over the last twenty years, from lock-ups to loitering laws, he doesn’t simply enumerate the issues on a continuous loop. He looks toward solutions.”

—The Los Angeles Times

(About The Rap on Gangsta Rap) “Bakari Kitwana examines multinational corporate commodification of rap music with a political lens that penetrates gangsta rap’s denigrating stereotypes and outrageous obscenities. His observations are timely, accurate, and void of the patronizing rhetoric that would compromise our cultural integrity."

—Useni Perkins, President, Association for the Positive Development of Black Youth

 (About The Rap on Gangsta Rap) “Exciting, provocative, critical analysis from an emerging cultural critic that expands and illuminates the discourse of nationalism, popular culture, and Black political resistance. "  

—Bell Hooks, Author, Black Looks: Race and Representation